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There are many options for travelers needing to bed down, whether staying for one night or several.The downtown area has a number of hotels and hostels, with wide variations in amenities, decor and prices. A few have their own restaurants, while others may offer only a simple breakfast.

The team at ‘Aya Huma Free Walking’ is familiar with many of the possible stays and can offer advice to travelers based upon your needs.

Local food & drink

Otavalo's gastronomy, as diverse as its landscapes. Many of our dishes are prepared based on corn, potatoes, accompanied by fried guinea pig or some special preparation with the traditional river trout.

Coffee Shops

There is a good selection of coffe shops where it is easy to find  quality coffee and food in a comfortable environment while highlighting the artisan roots in the Otavalo area. If you are looking for a lunch option there is also  a selection of hot and cold sandwiches.

Local markets

This structure is 59,722 m2, indigenous and mestizo trades businesses of provisions, food, typical costumes, handicrafts. In the infrastructure, a central patio stands out and around it, premises distributed on two floors. In the first there are stalls selling meat and food. Another area of ​​this level is home to clothing stores, bazaar, jewelery and footwear. On the second floor there are more kiosks selling vegetables, fruits and potatoes. Also, a food court. On the other side is located most of the 50 stores that offer outfits worn by the Kichwa and handicrafts,

Plaza de Ponchos

The activity of the Plaza de Ponchos is aimed at the commercialization of various artisan products, both local, regional, national and international.


The representative artisan production of the fair is the textiles of Otavalo, there is also artisan production in clay, paint, wood, jewelry, goldsmith, saddlery, marzipan, ceramics, etc.


Beautiful Mountains and lakes, Otavalo is located within the territory of the Imbabura province, known as the blue province. It protects beautiful lake complexes such as Mojanda, Cubilche and San Pablo.

Sacred waterfalls and sources of spiritual purification, year after year our people perform the traditional purification baths, with the help of natural waterfalls they recharge good energies for their daily coexistence and in harmony with nature.

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Otavalo - Ecuador

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