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It was the first primitive chapel of the city of straw and adobe. Between 1676 and 1679 it was transformed into a great temple of simple architecture, with a single nave built of lime and brick, with its very high tower, its bell service had a Roman-style dome.

San Luis Church. Source: Archivo Digital Otavalo

It is necessary to be very clear that the first order to arrive in Otavalo were the FRANCISCANS in 1565, having already settled in Quito since 1535, they built the three churches including San Luis.

After the earthquake of 1868, only some religious images were saved, its two bells that have the inscriptions "January 1855", the small one and "February 1864", the large one.

After the earthquake the main thing was the essential services of the population and the reconstruction of the temples.

The reconstruction of the new temple would take place from 1868 to 1890, the delay in its reconstruction of the great curate of San Luis is due to the large number of interim priests between those years, since they did not care about the improvement of San Luis, but they sought benefit own self.

This is explained by the fact that after the earthquake many Franciscan priests died, and they left the city making the doctrines and convents of Imbabura pass again at the hands of the diocesan priests.

Source: Aya Huma Free Walking

The same author mentions that in 1734, there was the Brotherhood of the Lord of Angustias, led by Indians.

One of the figures that survived after the earthquake was this one, although it suffered a broken right hand, detachment of the ring finger and little finger The image of the Sorrowful Virgin and Saint John that complete the Calvary on the altar are sculptures by the Otavaleño artist Gregorio Ortega.

Main Altar. Source: Aya Huma Free Walking

In 1955 the Lord of Sorrows is declared as the patron of this city by the Municipal Council. In 1962 the Bishop of Ibarra, Luis Haro asked Pope John XXIII to recognize the Church of San Luis as a Sanctuary due to the fervent devotion and importance for the inhabitants of the image of the Lord of Sorrows.

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