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We position ourselves as an independent media. We are not attached to any organization or political party, our speech is free. We are, like you, committed citizens.


Our values ​​are:


Freedom of speech: "Freedom of the press is the guarantor of peace, justice and respect for human rights everywhere in the world", declared Mr. Guterres (UN Secretary General) in May 2018. “It is an essential pillar of any transparent and democratic society and enables the forces in power to face up to their responsibilities. It is essential for sustainable development ”. Support this freedom across the world.


Respect for the rights of others and for the differences of each: let us recall here this wonderful text taken up in 1948 at the UN, under the title of Universal Declaration of Human and Citizen Rights. We regret that Olympe de Gouges is beheaded by Robespierre to just demand equality between women and men, hope that his declaration of the rights of women and citizens will also be published.

Commitment to Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: As citizens, we must participate and engage in a collective effort to preserve our planet, and also to make our world and our tours accessible to various forms of disability. We’ll ensure that our actions integrate these parameters as much as possible.


Have fun: we are not here to bore you. Even though all of our content is serious and well documented, we do not aim to be exhaustive or encyclopedic. Like you, we want to develop our curiosity and our knowledge on our themes.

From an editorial point of view, we do not aim to be peremptory or affirmative. We try to listen to you and want as much interaction as possible. We want this medium to be yours too!


Our publications are of 4 types:


Our own editorial staff,

Articles from our contributors,

Articles in common with partners,

Sponsored articles.

As for our own writing, our subjects are free and inspired by our curiosity or those of our visitors who invite us to explore this or that subject. We rely on testimonials and other articles.


As for the articles of our contributors, they are those which were sent to us by you and which we published.


As for common articles, they will always be marked as “partner content”. We are committed to ensuring that these partners share our ethics and our values. We validate their content before publishing them and make sure that they complement our own publication.


As for sponsored content, we are still a young company, and we must rely on external financial support in order to bring you as many articles as possible. We try to reduce as much as possible anything that is intrusive banner, and for those present, we ask you to understand our position and our need for development. We reinvest this financial contribution in the articles, which are delivered to you free of charge.

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